Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Solar Powered

Spring has sprung. At least temporarily. While last year this time the kids were still playing on the giant snow mound on our front lawn, the snow is melted and we have had 3 days of sun - in a row. With temps in the double digits. I know..... I can hardly believe it either.

So at Miss J's daycare, they have been playing outdoors a lot. She loves the outdoors but is somewhat put out by the requirement that she remove her dress and wear pants and a shirt. (This just means instead of putting her nightgown on as soon as we get home, she wants to put her dress back on).

The daycare staff comment to the parents about how well the kids will sleep because of all the fresh air. And I use to think that was true.

But it seems that Miss J is solar powered.

The last 3 nights, she has taken forever to wind down for bed. She is perfectly pleasant, but perfectly awake when she would normally would have been snoozing. The longer days aren't helping either. As she notices the light around her window blind she says "Mommy, its still cloudy out. We better open our eyes!!"

Here's hoping for a rainy indoor day tomorrow!

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