Saturday, May 23, 2009

True Love

We are in full fledged Princess mode around here.  Cinderella is her favourite and we, or her dolls are often getting ready to go to the ball, losing our glass slippers, and Daddy is often "Prince" (as in Charming, not Purple Rain).  

In the line up for the checkout at the grocery store, Miss J picked up a Bride magazine.  She was drawn to the beautiful woman in the "princess" dress on the cover.  When I asked her to put it back she said
No Mommy, I'm reading this book about True Love.

Where does she get this stuff??  We've got a real girly girl on our hands here!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

We're back from the Big Apple!

Hubbs and I got home last night from NYC.  We went for a quick getaway for 3 nights and it was great.  Busy, fast paced, but great.  We played the ultimate tourists, got some rest and had some time to actually finish conversations.  Wow!!

Miss J and Monkey also had a great time with Nanny & Poppy and Gramma & Papa who shared babysitting duty while we were away.  We are so lucky to have these grandparents who allow us to have a getaway every now and then!!  And while I'm sure we don't know every detail of what went on while we were away, the girls were well behaved (except when Miss J had to get dressed), and I don't think they missed us too much.

I was so excited to see them today.  Miss J ran and jumped in my arms for a hug and then continued to dilly-dally her way out of her daycare just as on any other day. And Monkey gave me a big smile, followed by a little cry, just in case I thought for a moment it was OK to be gone that long!  After that it was same old same old - naps, time outs, playing, changing into dresses, trying to sneak up the stairs - and a bonus visit with my friend Jill and her 2 kiddos!  After a while Monkey did want to be up with me more often, tugging on my pant leg to let me know.  I don't know if it was because she was uncomfortable with teething, or I like to think its because she missed me!  Then they fought over hugs from Daddy when he came home from work.  

Monkey has also transitioned from Crawler to Walker while we were away - that wobbly toddling stage is the best!

Miss J told me the highlights of while we were away, swimming with Nanny, that Gramma gave her "Chocolate crackers!!" and she had Cake again and again.  (Are we depriving her of sweets so that this makes her top pics??)

I'll post about our trip over time, and will hopefully include pics - although our computer is so painfully S-L-O-W I may never actually get anything posted if I have to wait for the uploading/editing process!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Canadian Tire

I had to make a return at Canadian Tire.  Anyone who has done this before knows it can be a scary experience.  I have witnessed many disgruntled customers (not that I would ever be one!).  Lucky for me I had my receipt and an unopened package! 

Waiting in line, I notice that there is a sign posted for waiting customers to read.  It was related to Health and Safety in the workplace.  Coming from an OT and OH&S background, I assumed it was just notifying the public that they adhere to OH&S regulations, yada yada yada.  However the gist of it was actually that healthy workplace includes their non physical environment including interaction with customers and they will are not to tolerate harassment and abuse from customers. 

If you need a statement to the public in the Customer Service line that employees will not tolerate verbal abuse such as threats, yelling and profanities, perhaps you need to look at your return policies. 

Just a thought.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Case of the Mondays

Its Monday.  Even without looking at a calendar I would have figured that out.  I was supposed to go to work, and take a little time off at the end of the day to get my hair done (long overdue – since December!!).  The girls were going to meet me there for their first hair cuts (no snickering please!).

What actually happened?  I was almost at work ½ hour away from home.  Hubbs called to say the sitter is sick.  Called Gramma, who by fluke was not working until this afternoon.  She came to watch Monkey until I came home. 

I did one home visit as planned.  Showed up at my second visit where I could hear children playing inside but no one would answer the door.

Went back to the office to do some paperwork.  Decided to have a quick lunch.  While cutting my bagel, I sliced my finger.  Luckily I work with nurses, and one of the nurses cleaned and bandaged my finger.  And gave me gloves to “waterproof” my finger for bath night. 

The great girls at work who were nice enough to clean my bodily fluids off the knife in the lunchroom kindly informed me the knife is actually rusty, maybe I should have a tetanus shot?  Because it has been more than 10 years since my Grade 9 needle (no really – it has been!!), off I trot back down stairs where I asked for a tetanus shot (again, a good thing I work in a public health office with a large vaccine supply!!).  This was all by 1:15 when it was time to go home an relieve Gramma. 

As it turned out, we did get to squeeze in a fun play date with the girls across the street which Miss J and Monkey (and Mommy!) enjoyed. 

And despite feeling like my upper arm has been used as a punching bag at kick boxing I'm feeling pretty good.  Tuesday here I come!!