Sunday, February 28, 2010

Almost a Halmark moment

While making supper the other day, Miss J jumped up from the table to run and give me a big hug and said "I Love you Mommy!"

(please hold the Ohhs and Ahhs)

Then she said:
"Remember when I was 3 and I didn't love you? Now I'm 4 I love you all the time."

To which I said:
"Didn't you always love your mommy?"

To which she responded:
"No. When I was 3 I didn't really like you but now I'm 4 and I love you!"

Out of the mouths of babes...

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Hubbs and I went out. Downtown. To a bar. We had drinks, listened to a band, hoped to win some prizes for the fundraiser we were at, and of course we (or at least I and one of the friends who went with us) people watched.

Who'd we watch? Well, besides the usual cougars, and the plaid shirt guys at the end of the bar (not tuck in nice plaid shirts but more of what my friend calls "good woods shirts" plaid shirts), we watched pig tail girl.

While Brittany Spears may have made the pig tail school girl look appealing (if you're young enough and a guy...) the woman in her late 20's with 2 pig tails that I'm pretty sure she had braided to make them krinkly. This same girl was wearing a bit too small top that was not all that flattering. And was dancing like a crazy person with people who weren't quite as enthusiastic. And it was too early in the evening for her alcohol to have played that big a part in her behavior.

So while it was nice to go out in the world for a change, I'll take a few drinks at a friend's house anytime :)

Monday, February 22, 2010

She DOES Speak English!

So when people talk about Monkey, we are often at a loss about how to describe her except to say she is cute. Even her big sis will say "she's so cute!".

And chatty. Monkey started "talking" quite a while ago. Especially on the phone. "Talk too!" she'll say until you let her say Hi, and all kinds of other things no one really knows. Very animated and expressive but besides "Mommy", "Daddy" and "no" it made no sense. Over the past couple of months she has started saying more than the basics in English.

For a long time now we've been waking up to "Mommy, are you Mommy?" Daddy, Daddy? Are you?"

She says "hi" to all the people in the grocery store and calls every lady with grey hair Nanny or Gramma (even though neither her Nanny or Gramma have grey hair)

She now says "Bye Bye, See-ya" to everyone, even the dogs, at her babysitter's.

If someone has something she wants, usually food, she says "I too!" or "Some! Some! Some!", holding her hand out and opening and closing it. Then, when she thinks you're getting it for her she does a little dance and claps her hands saying "yay!"

If Miss J starts playing with her and she's not in the mood she says "no Miss J, no!"

She says "Peese" and "Nank You" at the right times (sometimes!)

And my personal favourite..... When I go get her in her crib she'll give me a smile and say "Mo-ning!" What better way to start your day?

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Overheard at our house

Hubbs was in the upstairs bathroom with the girls running water for the bath.

Hubbs: Did anyone ever use that potty?

Me: No... why? (thinking the pee celebration was coming up!!)

Hubbs: Because Monkey just dumped her raisins in there and now she's eating them!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Kitchen Misadventures - Vol 1

Anyone who knows me knows that I can laugh at myself. They will also know that I am domestically challenged, especially when it comes to the kitchen (Although my BIL assures me that he likes his pizza, apple crisp, etc, burned). So for a while now I've been meaning to have a little blog series about my adventures (or Mis-adventures depending on how you look at it) in the kitchen.

Last night's supper reminded me I still haden't blogged about it. I'm hoping that by putting this stuff out there I'll look back on it someday and be able to 1. still laugh and 2. see how far I've come.

We were having hamburgers and fries. Simple. I called Hubbs and asked him to pick up some hamburger buns on the way home.

He called a short while later to say that he was held up at work, can I make something else for supper. Too late - everything was almost ready.

So I rummage through the freezer in search of something bun related (I just can't use regular bread, it gets all funny - although in hindsight it may not have been a bad idea)!

I found a package with a couple hamburger buns left. It would do for me and the girls so I defrosted them and served us our gourmet feast.

I knew the buns were freezer burned a bit but when I could hear Miss J's fork make a little smacking sound as it landed on top of her burger, well, that wasn't good. Its a good thing we have strong teeth to get through them (lol)!

This is just the beginning of my misadventures...... Wait until I get into this....