Thursday, February 25, 2010


Hubbs and I went out. Downtown. To a bar. We had drinks, listened to a band, hoped to win some prizes for the fundraiser we were at, and of course we (or at least I and one of the friends who went with us) people watched.

Who'd we watch? Well, besides the usual cougars, and the plaid shirt guys at the end of the bar (not tuck in nice plaid shirts but more of what my friend calls "good woods shirts" plaid shirts), we watched pig tail girl.

While Brittany Spears may have made the pig tail school girl look appealing (if you're young enough and a guy...) the woman in her late 20's with 2 pig tails that I'm pretty sure she had braided to make them krinkly. This same girl was wearing a bit too small top that was not all that flattering. And was dancing like a crazy person with people who weren't quite as enthusiastic. And it was too early in the evening for her alcohol to have played that big a part in her behavior.

So while it was nice to go out in the world for a change, I'll take a few drinks at a friend's house anytime :)

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tanya said...

Oh, a night out in downtown St. John's never changes....hey, did you remove yourself from facebook? I was going to write and ask you about where and what courses you'd been doing (if I recall, you were doing more school a while back). Considering my options, would love to hear how it went for can e-mail to the account if you'd like to share any info with me :) Oh, tell hubs that Dean is heading to a NY Rangers vs. Montreal Canadians game in a couple of weeks...he'll have to get up for a game before we leave...