Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hair Cut

Miss J asked me the other day why she hasn't gone to have her hair cut lately........

(her first and most recent trip to the salon was almost 10 months ago)

How would you answer ;)

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Our baby is 2

Something crazy happened on Monday. Our little Monkey celebrated her 2nd birthday. I still think she's a baby. Even though she is doing many little girl things like talking, playing dolls and throwing the occasional tantrum, she just doesn't seem like she can be 2 yet!

We celebrated with a birthday party complete with an Elmo cake.

And she was a big fan!

How much did she love her Elmo cake? Well for the next 2 days she kept asking to see Elmo - or what was left of him which was most of his eyes and some red icing on the plate!

On her birthday Gramma and Papa came to visit and brought chicken and fries. Monkey LOVES fries and sat in her high chair, fists pounding the tray, chanting "fries, fries, fries" until she was served.

Then we all shared some "Frosty the Snowman" cake with Miss J and cousin Julia. (After this we must become a cake free zone!)

Even Uncle Tony came which totally made her day. She just gets so excited when he visits!

And what has Monkey taught us in the last 2 years?

- That babies can go to sleep on their own if you lay them in their crib awake
- That putting pony tails in a squirming toddler is easier said than done
- That its OK for 1 year olds to play with Barbies and other toys you'd never let your first child play with at that age
- That 3 am cuddles should be treasured as they won't last forever

- That you CAN love a second little girl just as much as the first

Happy Birthday sweet Monkey