Sunday, May 16, 2010


To all my friends who have succumbed to the mini van....

Breakfast Time

Scene: Daddy making boiled eggs, toast and coffee for himself. The girls had already had their breakfast with Nanny and Poppy.
When its just about ready he turns on the TV : "Its the only way to eat your breakfast in peace around here." (we'll call that foreshadowing!)

Daddy brings his toast, eggs and coffee to the table. Girls are watching TV. Moments later, Miss J comes to stand next to Daddy, and Monkey, not to miss out on the action, brings a step stool to the table to stand at his other side.

Miss J: Can I have some eggs?
Daddy: This is Daddy's breakfast. You've already had yours and Daddy is starved to death.
Miss J: Can I have some eggs?
Daddy: No
Monkey: Can I have some eggs?
Miss J: Can I have some of your eggs?
Daddy: mock crying. I just want to eat my breakfast
Monkey is sticking her fingers in Daddy's toast
Miss J: I'm going to go get my own spoon....

Daddy shared his breakfast while Poppy sang the songs to them from In the Night Garden playing in the background.

P.S. - When Miss J first got dressed this morning she the white shirt under her dress was actually a royal blue butterfly print. She agreed to change because we were going to church.