Monday, July 6, 2009

Yes - I am a natural blonde

If there is anyone still out there checking in to read this blog - here is a little something to tide you over while I finally finish up my posts about our NYC trip and other odds and ends that we've been up to. I don't know where June has gone, I guess it occurred somewhere between starting a new job, a big deadline at work for Hubbs, Miss J deciding daycare isn't for her anymore and great weather which meant for lots of outdoor time (yay!) and late bed times (boo!).

Monkey's sitter was sick for a couple of days during my last week of work in my old job. You know the time when I really CANNOT take time off and Hubbs has loads of work commitments (does everyone's life seem to work this way or is it just us?). So we round up Gramma and Papa for some tag team babysitting. I stayed home with Monkey for a couple of hours one morning and when Papa came to relieve me I hit the road for my last big road trip. As I was running a bit late (yes...hard to believe I know), I decided to take the van instead of going to Hubbs' work to switch vehicles - as I usually bring the car on work trips.

I knew that the day before, the van also needed gas but had thought Hubbs had already refilled. When I got in and started driving, and glanced at the gas gauge I noticed I was pretty much on empty. Funny thought, I thought, the gas light wasn't on. Great - now I have to stop for gas and the van needs to be checked out.

So I proceed to the gas station with pay at the pump in a time saving effort. I had only put in a couple of dollars when the pump cut out. I cancelled that transaction, inserted my credit card and tired again. No go. Seriously? Why was this happening when I was already rushed?

The attendant called out over the speaker from inside the store: "Are you having trouble?"
Me: "This pump doesn't seem to be working, I'll try another one."

So I pull ahead to the next pump. Try again. Same thing. What is going on with the gas pumps here?

The gas attendant comes out to give it a try. "I don't know what's going on, there must be something wrong with your van."

Perfect, I think, now some weird sensor thing that probably costs loads of money is broken. Who knows HOW much gas is really in the van. When I get in to drive to Hubbs' work to get the car after all, I could swear that the gas tank looks more empty than before I loaded it with approximately $4.39 worth of gas (over 3-4 transactions I might add).

So I call Hubbs to tell him I'm coming to switch vehicles. I explain what is "wrong" with the van.

Expecting some colourful response to mirror my thoughts about having to have the van repaired, he calmly replies: "Sarah, I filled up the van yesterday."

Yes, I misread those cute little full/empty images - you know the circle just barely colored in and the other almost all filled in. Who's idea was it to stop using F and E anyway?!?!

This story is just to let you in on my great sense of humor and ability to laugh at myself - Wouldn't it be even funnier if it were actually true (ha ha)?!?!

And if you've never posted a comment before - now would be a good time to start. May I suggest sharing a similar story of when you have been so addled.....