Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Kitchen Misadventures - Vol 1

Anyone who knows me knows that I can laugh at myself. They will also know that I am domestically challenged, especially when it comes to the kitchen (Although my BIL assures me that he likes his pizza, apple crisp, etc, burned). So for a while now I've been meaning to have a little blog series about my adventures (or Mis-adventures depending on how you look at it) in the kitchen.

Last night's supper reminded me I still haden't blogged about it. I'm hoping that by putting this stuff out there I'll look back on it someday and be able to 1. still laugh and 2. see how far I've come.

We were having hamburgers and fries. Simple. I called Hubbs and asked him to pick up some hamburger buns on the way home.

He called a short while later to say that he was held up at work, can I make something else for supper. Too late - everything was almost ready.

So I rummage through the freezer in search of something bun related (I just can't use regular bread, it gets all funny - although in hindsight it may not have been a bad idea)!

I found a package with a couple hamburger buns left. It would do for me and the girls so I defrosted them and served us our gourmet feast.

I knew the buns were freezer burned a bit but when I could hear Miss J's fork make a little smacking sound as it landed on top of her burger, well, that wasn't good. Its a good thing we have strong teeth to get through them (lol)!

This is just the beginning of my misadventures...... Wait until I get into this....

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tanya said...

Please do tell me what the heck that photo is...perhaps some sort of mangled cookie?