Monday, May 4, 2009

Case of the Mondays

Its Monday.  Even without looking at a calendar I would have figured that out.  I was supposed to go to work, and take a little time off at the end of the day to get my hair done (long overdue – since December!!).  The girls were going to meet me there for their first hair cuts (no snickering please!).

What actually happened?  I was almost at work ½ hour away from home.  Hubbs called to say the sitter is sick.  Called Gramma, who by fluke was not working until this afternoon.  She came to watch Monkey until I came home. 

I did one home visit as planned.  Showed up at my second visit where I could hear children playing inside but no one would answer the door.

Went back to the office to do some paperwork.  Decided to have a quick lunch.  While cutting my bagel, I sliced my finger.  Luckily I work with nurses, and one of the nurses cleaned and bandaged my finger.  And gave me gloves to “waterproof” my finger for bath night. 

The great girls at work who were nice enough to clean my bodily fluids off the knife in the lunchroom kindly informed me the knife is actually rusty, maybe I should have a tetanus shot?  Because it has been more than 10 years since my Grade 9 needle (no really – it has been!!), off I trot back down stairs where I asked for a tetanus shot (again, a good thing I work in a public health office with a large vaccine supply!!).  This was all by 1:15 when it was time to go home an relieve Gramma. 

As it turned out, we did get to squeeze in a fun play date with the girls across the street which Miss J and Monkey (and Mommy!) enjoyed. 

And despite feeling like my upper arm has been used as a punching bag at kick boxing I'm feeling pretty good.  Tuesday here I come!!

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