Monday, April 20, 2009

Baby Steps

One week ago today, Monkey decided to take her first real steps. She has been cruising for a while now and barely needs any support when you are walking with her. But she hasn't really been interested in going on her own.

Last Monday, while Mommy was at work (poor me, sniff sniff) and the girls were having a fun filled day with Daddy, Nanny and Poppy, Monkey walked from Daddy to Nanny and back. Only a few steps but she was so proud. And Poppy caught it on video so I got to enjoy the moment too. Those first steps really are so cute, and Monkey was so proud of herself!!

It seems she may be a little like her Mommy however. She walked a little and isn't overly interested in doing it again just yet. As if to say, "Ok, I can do that, check that off my list. Next!". My mom tells me that I walked one day at about 11 months and it was at least a month later before I did it again.

Monkey is still perfectly happy to cruise, chase her sister on her hands and knees, try and take Miss J's Polly Pockets whenever she can, and try to get her socks and shoes on (which she is getting surprisingly close to doing!). Lots of time for walking later I guess!

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