Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Special Jammies

WARNING: The following post talks a lot about Poop!

Back in the height of potty training, Miss J was having a little bit of trouble getting the poop to actually go in the toilet (read: she was just poopin in her pants!)

We had tried every thing we had heard about: rewards, tossing the precious Dora panties, staying calm and saying its OK, getting a little bit angry, etc. but what we didn't know at the time was that Miss J just wasn't ready to take that poop step. 

Around this time, Miss J had also gotten some new jammies (back in the days when she was still wearing 2 piece PJs).  They were sweet, with fairies and castles on them and Miss J really loved them.  She called them her Special Jammies.  One night before bed (and before her diaper was on), she pooped.  Perfect, I thought, (mean mom alert!) throwing out the jammies will really teach her not to poop in her pants anymore.  

Me: Oh dear, you pooped in your Special Jammies.  I guess we're going to have to throw them out.  

Miss J (her face immediately crumbling): Oh no! I miss them already!

She broke my heart.  So we went to Plan B.  

Me: Well we won't throw them out, but you can't wear them anymore until you do your poop in the toilet.  OK?

Miss J (still sobbing and devastated): OK

A couple of weeks later, Miss J FINALLY pooped in the toilet.  While we were doing the obligatory celebration, she pipes up: Now I can wear my Special Jammies!!  She had been thinking of this all that time.  

And here she is, happy to be reunited with her Special Jammies at last!

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