Friday, April 10, 2009

Nanny and Poppy are Coming

In case you didn't know!

Monday, Hubbs told Miss J that Nanny and Poppy are coming for Easter and that they'll arrive on Saturday.  Miss J, who is learning the days of the week but still doesn't really get what they mean with regards to time, was really excited.  

When the doorbell rang Monday night, Miss J said to Gramma "Its Nanny & Poppy!"

Every morning this week we heard "Nanny and Poppy are coming today".  Or "Are Nanny & Poppy here yet?"

And when she's upset who does she want?  That's right - Nanny & Poppy.

Finally, tomorrow is the big day - she is so excited!!  I hope they're ready for lots of granddaughter love :)

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