Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Oh No!

Neon, Day-Glo, Fluorescent - whatever you call it - its back.  Very very bad....

A few days ago, when picking Monkey up from the sitter, I noticed the teenage girl and her friends next door all had neon pink and green shoelaces.  I immediately had flashback of LA Gear sneakers (shudder).  

And then I went to a movie with CWC (which I'll talk about later!) and noticed, not only shoe laces but jackets, and shorts in store windows with more neon (think: those Bermuda shorts we used to call Jams).  Ugh.

Why am I so disturbed by this?  Besides that this is something else that makes me feel old, what with fashion trends of my youth coming back in style (I can hear my Mom now "Oh my goodness, I had a shirt like that when I was in high school"), it is just plain BAD!  I mean, seriously, NEON?  Of all the trends to recycle, NEON? 

I'm just waiting to see someone wearing a big white T-shirt with bright yellow WOW on the front and back, stirrup pants and flourcent slouch socks.  

Just please don't make us endure acid wash again.

When are Doc Martin's coming back - they were awesome (and I think mine might still be at my parents!)

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Bren said...

This made me laugh. I think my shirt with neon letters said "Oh La La" Did you ever see my dancing photo with me wearing it? If not, let me know and I'll e-mail you a copy... It's funny.