Monday, March 16, 2009

I'm getting OLD

While people tell me I look young, and assure me that at 31 I'm "just a baby", the realization that I'm getting old has really hit me lately.

No longer do I care if I have weekend plans.  That means that I can watch TV, read a book, do laundry or go to bed early and not be too tired to get up with the girls.  (OK, so if I'm being honest, I sometimes enjoy knowing we have weekend plans, but nothing that includes being downtown and trying to catch a cab in the cold at 3:30am!)

I care about fibre. Yup, when I glance at a nutrition label, I don't really look for the calories, or even the fat but gimmie lots of fibre.....

I wear winter boots (instead of shoes 95% of the winter, as was my previous practice) because they are practical and keep my feet warm.

I use the word practical.  And think being practical isn't all bad.

And my skin....  Well it is doing its own thing as it gets older.  My hands are incredibly dry.  I have developed eczema.  My heels are cracking (which kinda takes some of the fun out of a pedi now - its a necessity to keep my feet from cracking up and not just for the indulgence!)   My face is confused.  While parts of my face thinks I am 13 and is treating me to regular breakouts, my eyes and forehead are showing who's boss with some nice wrinkles.   I have begun using toner and am rethinking my 20 year relationship with Noxzema.  It takes me forever to get in bed by the time I use my hand cream, eczema cream, foot balm, toner and - NIGHT CREAM to Reduce the Appearance of Fine Lines and Wrinkles! 

What's next?  A subscription to large print Reader's Digest?


tanya said...

Oh my, can I ever sympathize. For my "photo of the day" project, I recently took a picture of all my pill bottles placed ever so neatly in a pretty bowl, a new storage solution for me. I don't know what's more sad, that life is so uneventful that this made it as photo of the day, or that I now take so many pills I could almost use a "pills of the week" case. Elderly, I tell you.

Sasha said...

Nothing wrong with large print!