Monday, March 9, 2009

Our baby is 1!

Yesterday we celebrated Monkey's first birthday!  I know everyone says it, but its true, where does the time go?  On one had it seemed to go so fast and on the other we can't imagine life without her.

Just a year ago we welcomed, via a speedy delivery, our second sweet girl.  And while most everyone assumes we wanted "our boy" or that we now have to "try for a boy", we really feel that Monkey makes our family complete.

Here she is at about 3 weeks old:

And here she is on her first birthday enjoying Papa's blueberry pancakes for breakfast and with her newest favourite "toy"!  (Notice the highchair - its vintage ;)  My brother and I both used it.  My parents keep everything, but that's another post!)

Miss J has grown to be a wonderful big sister, who always shares hugs and kisses (and unfortunately sickies from daycare) with Monkey.  And we have learned how to be parents of 2 - in doing so we have grown extra sets of eyes, arms and of course bigger hearts!

While Monkey was oblivious to the fact it was her big day - she did enjoy the wrapping paper and cupcake when she realized it was all for her!  She even increased her vocabulary to include "Wow", which she proclaimed after opening her presents.  

Miss J helped her open her presents of course:

We did have to delay her birthday party until next weekend, as Friday Miss J came down with a nasty bug (no big shocker there - that just seems to be the way things go with us!).  A loot bag is a great parting gift - stomach flu - not so much!  So Gramma, Papa, and Hubbs' sister's family came for supper and cupcakes.....

Which Monkey thoroughly enjoyed:

Happy birthday sweet baby girl.  Can't wait to see what the next year holds!


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tanya said...

So glad that she seemed to enjoy her cupcake. I hope you guys had a great supper time party :)