Saturday, February 28, 2009

Toddlerisms - Vol 2

Miss J was desparately trying to avoid quiet time/nap.  When she heard Monkey crying while having her diaper changed she called out from her room:
"I think she misses her sister!"

We have a new rule that we don't eat on the new chair (that is fabric) but only on the leather sofa that can be easily cleaned.  When I noticed a spot on the new couch I reminded Miss J of the rules.  
Her interpretation:  (With index finger pointed) "Memember, Don't eat the couch!"
(unfortunately in telling her the couch is easily cleaned, she thinks this means she can also wipe her nose in it too!)

"Do I look beautiful with my bed head?"

Shortly after Miss J turned 2 she started yelling when she got excited.
Me: Miss J, where is your indoor voice ?
Miss J: I DON'T KNOW!!!

Down sleeves = long sleeves

Gramma: I like your robe.  I have a pink robe too. 
Miss J: You have a pink robe?
Gramma: Yes, mine is bright pink.
Miss J: Oh, Mine is only pink.

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