Monday, February 9, 2009

We went to Church

After talking about it for so long, but seeming always to have something come up on Sunday mornings, we finally made it to church as a family of 4.  And no, not for a wedding, baptism, holiday or any other reason - just because.  5 years ago I didn't think this would ever be on my priority list, but here we are!

It was our first time, besides Christmas, that we attended this church, that is very close to our neighborhood and it seems like a nice place full of welcoming people.  It also turned out that we know some people who already go there so it was good to see them.  Both the girls were really well behaved despite it being R&R's nap time and Miss J being - well - 3.  

R&R enjoyed trying to "sing" during the hymns, which was so cute.  

During the sermon, the minister asked the congregation: "What are you doing for your soul?"
To which Miss J quietly responded - to herself - "I don't know".

She then turned to me and said "Mommy, the man said 'What are you doing in this church?' and I said 'I don't know!'"


Anonymous said...

hahahaha...I love Miss J

C. Beth said...

Ha! Funny!

I'm asking Lisa about Canadian entries--will update the post when I get an answer from her!

In the meantime--if you'd like to post that button on your blog, just start a blog post. On the top right of the posting window there are two tabs--"Compose" and "Edit Html." Click "Edit Html" and paste in the code that I put on my blog. Then click "Compose" again and you should see the button and you can write whatever else you want in the post, then publish it.

Clear as mud...?

Brenda P said...

OMG, that is hilarious!!
I can hear you laughing now!