Thursday, February 26, 2009

I survived

I survived my first day back to work from maternity leave.  We all did.  We somehow all got up and ready in time to be at our respective locations on time.  If we can keep up that morning routine it won't be too bad (in that regard I think I'll remain cautiously optimistic!).  Miss J was a little confused as to why I was up, dressed and leaving the house before she ate breakfast but she was quite cooperative thank goodness!  I did miss the girls and thought a lot about Monkey spending her first full day away from home.  According to the sitter she had a little trouble settling for her nap but otherwise had a good day.  "And she certainly likes to eat!" Yup - that's our girl!  I'm not sure how the evening thing is going to work.  I bring home 2 very hungry girls and have to start on supper.   I'm sure that routine will get easier right?  Or will we become the family who survives on Chef-Boy-R-Dee, pizza and chicken nuggets and fries?  I guess its time to break out the slow cooker again!

And the work part wasn't too bad.  Today really just seemed like a little break from taking care of the girls.  I caught up with some of my co-workers, went out to lunch and started to figure out how to I will tackle my wait list.  But considering that my I am still "disabled" from the work e-mail and client file system, I really couldn't do a whole lot.  I'm sure by tomorrow I'll be missing my pajama and play date days desperately! And by next week I'll be considering a 3rd pregnancy just for the mat leave (ha ha - just kidding!!)


Anonymous said...

maybe you could arrange to stay ' disabled' from the system...sounds like a plan to me!!

(p.s. it's Jill - I still don't have a google account)

tanya said...

Glad that things went alright on the first day back. I was thinking about you!