Friday, February 13, 2009

Dresses: Miss J's Fashion File Vol. 3

That's what Miss J is wearing these days.  

Only dresses.

Day and night.

She will ask for her dresses in the following order:

Church dress - which is only for special occasions (and church) because its a little fancier.  I have been greeted every morning, for the past week, at my bed side with: "Mommy, can you come help me get dressed?  Can I wear my Church dress!?"  When I say I'll be out in a minute, and roll back over - she immediately goes to Daddy's side: "Daddy, can YOU come help me get dressed?"

Polka dot dress - that I had put off letting her wear until her birthday party and she's been in it ever since!

White flower dress - actually a sundress but I've winterized it with a long sleeve T and leggings.

Sparkly dress - the dress that she wore to her 2nd birthday party, so its more of a tunic now!  It has some sparkly thread in the snowflake design - hence the name.

Square Dress - red plaid jumper that I could NOT get her to wear at all over Christmas.  

Red Dress - the dress she had for our Christmas pics that, again, she was not interested in over the holidays.

PJs are still no longer worn as pairs.  In fact they are rarely worn at all.  Nightdresses are her preference.  She has 2 :
Princess & Reindeer

This gives me 3-4 days between loads of laundry!

I remember when I thought it was a shame that Miss J's dresses were never worn.  Now we have a closet full of pants and shirts - you know, normal toddler winter wear - that will be in perfect hand-me-down condition for R&R.

The silver lining: when she is wearing a dress, she no longer asks to change her clothes every-hour-on-the-hour.  That was SO last month!

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