Friday, December 19, 2008

Toddlerisms - Vol 1

Here are just some of the random cute things heard in these parts!

First day of snow:
"Mommy, look at all the snow!  That really gross."
(That's my girl!)

Hearing music playing upstairs in her room:
"My bedroom is singing!"

"Gramma, there's a light in the dark!"
Seeing the light over the garage in Gramma & Papa's backyard.

"No feel me Mommy.  No feel me."
When she doesn't want to cuddle.

After being told "that's enough" during a tantrum.

"I will share with R&R.  That will be nice"
Noticing that R&R had some Cheerios that she wanted some of.  

And my fave to date:

"Did you  have a good day?"
Upon meeting her baby sister for the first time.

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