Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Pretty Shirt

Getting dressed around here can be a challenge.  Miss J has become quite decicive about what she will and will not wear.  

Will NOT Wear: Any pants with a button or snap (all classified as jeans).  Just about everything in her closet.

Will Wear - Elastic waist pants.  Prefers pink fleecy ones she calls Softly Pants (who can blame her!); Purple heart shirt (which I'll post a pic of later!), Pretty Shirt and more recently skirts/dresses complete with tights which she voluntarily puts on herself.  

If the Will Wear clothes happen to be dirty - well - she would rather be naked.  

This is her latest fav outfit.  This "Pretty Shirt" is previously loved (i.e. used!), totally stretched out of shape and she LOVES it!  

There were many tears last night when she wasn't allowed to wear this outfit to bed.  But rest assured she found it and put it on first thing this morning.  I'm sure if I send her to daycare in this shirt once more they will wonder what I have done with the rest of her clothes.  Never mind that its a T-Shirt and its December. 

Pretty shirt is in the dryer getting ready for tomorrow.....


C. Beth said...

Welcome to blogging, Sarah!! :) I think it's really cute how strong of a preference she's showing to her pretty Shirt. Of course, I'm not the one who has to wash it multiple times each week. :)

Sarah said...

Thanks Beth! I'm sure you can relate :)