Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My new favourite thing

In the household department that is. 

I cannot believe I waited so long to get a hand held vacuum.  (Yes I'm serious- perhaps I need to get out more?)

This is the best thing for everything.  Especially sucking up those little pieces of Play-Doh that get all over the floor, stuff that gets trapped on the foam blocks on the floor, flour, sugar and other messes in the kitchen, pieces of broken glass and my new fave - pine needles from the Christmas tree.  

Added bonus: Miss J loves to help by vacuuming the playroom herself!

I love it!  Put one on your list if its not already there!!

(By the way, If you're reading do you mind leaving a comment - it doesn't have to be much!  Just to satisfy my curiosity and to determine if this really is just my personal journal or if there is anyone out there!!)


Ians mommy said...

I just saw this linked to your signature on the jan 06 birth board on bbc and came to check it out! I am here and I am reading! LOL.

Sarah said...

Thanks Ian's mommy!

Brenda P said...

HI Sarah - I am reading... and do think I'll get a hand vac in the futue at your recommendation!!