Thursday, December 4, 2008

Sofa Saga

We recently ordered new furniture for our rec room, as our old (most comfortable ever) sofa didn't fit down the stairs in our new house.  (We had to sell it but luckily my parents bought it so we still get to enjoy it!)

If you ordered a new sofa things would most likely go like this:
  • Delivery guys show up on time
  • Carry sofa into your home
  • Ask you where you would like it placed
  • Place it in appropriate location
  • Take away the packaging
  • Delivery guys say "have a nice day" and leave
  • You relax on said sofa

We order a sofa:
  • 5 weeks later, after I call, they say, oh yeah its here
  • Delivery guys, who were to show between 11am and 2pm, and call 1/2 hour before, show at 5pm - no call)
  • Remove exterior door (10 mins)
  • Struggle with sofa for 1/2 hour before getting it into the porch.
  • Stand sofa on its end in porch (15 mins + marks on ceiling, dents in wall, broken light fixture).
  • Easily lift sofa into rec room
  • Matching chair is brought in and placed in front of the rec room door so that we had to move it to open the door and get out of the room.
  • Delivery guys run away without a word or apology for damage in porch.
  • Close look at furniture reveals damage from traumatic entry into our home
  • AND its the WRONG COLOR!!!
You're thinking we ordered something too big.  Hubbs and I could have accepted that and just picked out something else.  However the delivery guys would not admit they couldn't get it in.  They were always going to try "one more thing".  

But, when the more competent staff arrived to assess the damage in our porch and pick up the furniture, they said the couch comes apart in 3 pieces and is easy to move!! They had it disassembled and loaded on their truck in 15 mins!

We have the right one now and its perfect.

Yup - just a day in the life!


tanya said...

Oh no, I hope the furniture people fix the damage. I am sitting here waiting for an order of plywood to arrive...much less exciting than a sofa.

I'm glad the new one is perfect though. Dean and I will have to come visit...perhaps we could do a craft or I could help you with some wrapping while the guys watch hockey (yawn).

Sarah said...

Sure we have loads of places to sit now! Maybe we can do it in time for our craft to be a Christmas one! See you soon :)