Friday, December 19, 2008

Sofa Saga - Part Deux

3 weeks after the delivery guys were nice enough to damage our porch the owner of the company came to have a look at the situation himself.  Realizing that it is a busy time of year, sure this is an acceptable length of time (yeah-right.  We're understanding but not that understanding).

The owner seems like a nice man who has been running this family business for a l-o-n-g time.  He feels its not too big of a job and a bit of plaster, paint and a new light fixture should do the trick.  

Me: So, do you have staff who handle these situations.

Owner: No, I'm going to come and fix this myself.

Me: at a loss for words - Oh.  

Owner: Do you have the paint?  

Me: Well we just moved here so I'm not sure.

Owner: And I won't get to this until after Christmas

Me: in my head - I hope! Well, there's a shocker!
        Out loud - That's OK, I guess you are really busy now.

So now I get to wait around at home for yet another day/week for him to show up to do the work with the added bonus of getting to try and track down and purchase the paint!  Do you think he'd mind if I got him to do the whole porch, and maybe the rec room, in a new color while he's at it?

But we did have some good news.  A mere 9 weeks and 2 days after ordering our furniture, the Chair 1/2 for our living room has arrived!!  Delivery is scheduled for Monday with the promise that there will not be a delay.  

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