Monday, December 1, 2008

A long December

Sunday was sunny.  Cold but sunny.  Everyone was putting up their outdoor Christmas lights, including us.  While the baby slept we all bundled up and added color to our home.  Miss J was very excited to see Christmas coming to life before her eyes.  
Keeping with the spirit, I took out one of her Christmas books that we had put away since last year.  It was a big hit then and she has fallen in love with Corduroy's Christmas all over again. It is a book with flaps and her favorite is a fireplace where you can see Santa's boots.  Hubbs and I read it over and over before bed.  
So I'm wondering why I was surprised when at 5 am I hear "Mommy?  Mom!  Mom!".  I stumble to Miss J's room where she is sitting on her bed, Princess flashlight in hand reading Corduroy's Christmas.  "Who owns these feet?" she asks, illuminating Santa's boots.

We're open to suggestions on how to get her to sleep Christmas Eve.

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