Saturday, December 20, 2008

The Scary old Elf Himself!

Because we like to do things last minute, Hubbs and I  (OK, mostly I) thought the Saturday before Christmas would be a great time to pack the girls up and head to the mall for a pic with Santa.  (No - that's not sarcasm you sense!)

The excitement is building.  R&R was contentedly eating Cheerios in her stroller while Miss J walked around looking at the super-sized Christmas decorations, calling out and waving to Santa while we waited.  

It's our turn.  R&R is skeptical but sits in Santa's lap without any fuss.  Miss J decides that in fact she'd rather just stay in Daddy's arms.  Eventually she agreed to sit on a stool NEXT to Santa but certainly not in his lap.  

Now if only I could scan the pic so you could share in the girls excitement.  Picture if you will two cute girls in coordinating white/red/denim outfits wearing the saddest faces you can get (without tears).  Big pleading eyes and even bigger frowns.  There was no amount of silliness or entertaining that was going to turn those frowns upside down.  

Ah yes, and we do it for the kids! 


tanya said...

What were you thinking heading to the mall the Saturday before Christmas? The parking situation alone makes me want to stay far, far'll treasure the sad faces in the santa picture years from now :)

Sarah said...

I know we got there pretty early so leaving the parking lot was actually more challenging!