Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Here I am.... after a hiatus from my blog. I'm not sure where the time went but as I was kindly reminded by a cousin over the holidays I haven't updated this blog since September. Not that there's nothing to blog about, I just really have no idea where the time goes. What a cliche but its true.
Before we had children I used to feel busy, but now I wonder what in the world I did with all my time!

So we enjoyed a busy (of course) and fun holiday season. Nanny and Poppy came to visit and we fit in a quick visit to the"mainland" to visit my brother and his family as well as some other family and friends in the area. Miss J is really getting the whole Santa Clause thing this year and Monkey continues to go with the flow and try to act like a big girl. It was great :)

With the new year there is always that underlying thought that I should be making a New Years Resolution. Because whenever I make them I never actually keep them I always just end up feeling bad about it. So this year I am not making any.

But.... If I were to make a resolution it might be:

To be more organized. I used to be organized. Now I am sort of organized in an "organized confusion" kind of way. Whenever I tidy and try to de-clutter I put things away and can never find them. I want to go back to my color coded day planner university days. I realize that at that time I only had a bedroom, school and my day planner to organize but I was on top of things. I knew where every cent went because I wrote EVERYTHING down. At a glance at my calander I know when I had a paper, presentation, exam, meeting...
Now that I have a whole house, a crazy busy full time job and an equally busy home life its just not as easy. And just for fun I thought I'd add a course on top of that. Outlook for super organization = not good! My closets will have to wait :)

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