Friday, January 8, 2010

Miss J's Fashion File Vol. 4

Matching is optional. The past several months have taught me there is not point in arguing. Hubbs has been telling me that all along.

Last June I was semi traumatized when Miss J headed off to daycare in a black long sleeved T with "Ghostess with the Mostess" written in white and red, a bright blue skirt and fushia tights. This was after a spring when I thought she should be wearing pants instead of tights to play outdoors which made Miss J a very unhappy camper (it finally just got warm enough to not worry about it).

She is still wearing dresses. She picks them out herself. She briefly was into leggings but tights really are her preference. And for some reason the more they don't match the happier she is.

A couple of weeks ago Miss J chose her Polka Dot dress which is dark brown trimmed with pink and green polka dots, and grey tights with pink and purple stripes. I wasn't in the mood to have the "what matches" conversation so as she looked at herself in the mirror I said "What do you think?"
She said, as she smiled at herself ever so shyly, "Beautiful"

We just can't argue with that :)

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