Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Warning - Not for Daddies over the age of 35

Miss J wanted one of her Dora Wipes because she had some small bit of something on her hand.  She pulled out one to many so Hubbs tried to stuff it back into the package.  Unfortunately, the opening is not made for Daddy Fingers and he found himself in a predicament.  

His finger became stuck with those little teeth digging in and his finger turning a nice shade of blue.  He was panicked, but in that calm sort of way: "My finger is really stuck"  "What am I going to do"  "It hurts and I can get this thing off".....  But trying not to really freak out (read: Swear - a lot) in front of the girls.

I used a butter knife to pry the prongs out of his finger, however the lid would still not come off.

Luckily, on a whim, I picked up this little gadget the day before at Wal Mart:

Finger saved.  Phew.  Best $8.49 ever spent if you ask Hubbs.  
(as a bonus it also includes a tiny screwdriver for those common every day things - battery covers anyone - and a small retractable blade!)

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