Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Good Eaters

Most people would describe our girls as "good eaters".  We have been lucky I guess.  Although Miss J says "I don't like _____" in relation to most veggies, she does eat well and we have never had a problem.  In fact, she will eat her food and then come sit in your lap so she can "share" yours too!

R&R seems to be following in her sister's footsteps.  Except she already eats broccoli and cauliflower which her sister would never touch.  

We have been giving R&R table food for a couple of weeks now and she loves to feed herself. So the other day, I shared some of the tuna I was having for lunch.  I was also enjoying some of my favourite crackers with it (they were a Christmas gift - I can't keep them here because I have no control), which obviously I could not share with her. She looked at me with big expectant eyes.  When no little cracker bits were placed on her tray she gave me a smile.  A come on look at how cute I am how can you resist me smile.  I kid you not.  At 10 months, she's already trying to play us and, like her sister, expects to share all our food.  

Oh great, another child from whom we must hide in order to enjoy our food in peace.  

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