Friday, January 30, 2009

Sofa Saga IV

So the furniture store owner wasn't kidding when he said "after Christmas".
Apparently, he was on holidays until last week and wasn't able to come see us until Tuesday (the 27th).  He plastered some of the dents in the wall and was off again.  Said he'd be back tomorrow to do another layer.
So Wednesday, around 4:00 I finally call to learn that he "won't be able to make it today".
Thursday was stormy and yucky but he arrived at about 4:50 to trudge through our uncleared driveway.  No call first.
Apparently he will start painting his next visit, on Friday.  Speaking of which, I found the old paint in the garage.  I guess paint thickens when it is stored in the cold garage for 7 years.....  So off we go in search of new paint.  I hope he's painting the whole porch and not just his touch-ups.  We don't need polka-dot walls on top of everything else!!

(I do have to say, I hope when I'm his age I have his energy and speed - he moves quick!)

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