Sunday, January 18, 2009

I've been reading

And not writing anything on my blog.  Or cleaning the house.  Or trying very hard to sell the baby things we no longer need.  Or shopping (I guess that's a good thing). Or doing anything productive, really.

I love chick lit.  Especially when I feel like everything else in my life is hectic.  Light reading like Marian Keyes or Sophia Kinsella really hit the spot.  I also enjoy some James Patterson or Janet Evanovich - type books.  

But every once and a while I love to really get into a good book.  A long book with an in-depth story.  For Christmas, Hubbs gave me the new Wally Lamb book, The Hour I First Believed (now 45% off at!!).  I had been wanting all Christmas to just sit and read but there was no time.  Plus I was half way through another book that I didn't really like but knew I'd never finish if I started my new one.  

Its an interesting book, fiction based around actual events (primarily Colombine).  It was heavy but good.  All nap times and other free time (including sleep time - which I regretted every morning) were spent behind the book.  I finished it last night and felt sad it was over but relieved to not have to worry about the characters anymore!  Luckily I found some good Sex and The City re-runs on TV so I could switch gears before I went to bed (yay Cosmo TV!!)  I'll have to read something light and fluffy before digging into the next on my list, My Sister's Keeper by Jodi Picoult.  

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