Sunday, January 11, 2009

Happy Birthday Miss J!

Miss J is 3.  I can't really believe it.  And I now understand why on my birthday my parents like to tell the story of the day I was born.  I just can't help thinking, this is the time my water broke, this is when I text messaged someone who I thought was Hubbs to tell him it was time to come home, and so on!

While it seems like just yesterday she arrived, so much has happened and she went from our sweet first baby to our wonderful little girl.  We have all changed so much!  We've learned about colic, poop talk, patience, boogies (as in the green stuff), gripe water, diapers, play dates, potty training, time out, and bribery (I mean negotiating at a toddler level).  

We hosted 11 preschoolers, 4 babies and 20 adults for Miss J's birthday party.  And it went surprisingly well.  No major tantrums, minimal tears, and lots of fun!  (May I recommend a bouncy castle at your next event?)

Here are a couple of pics to share!

Here she is at 6 days old:

And here she is on her 3rd birthday, wearing a bow in her hair for the first time!

Happy Birthday Baby Girl!

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tanya said...

Oh my, where does the time go? Three already! I hope you guys had a great day :) That little bow cracks me up.