Tuesday, September 1, 2009


Yes... In case anyone is wondering... I'm still here. It would appear that I have taken the summer off from blogging. I'm not sure how that happened but we have been busy just enjoying time outdoors, getting to know our neighbors better and, well, just relaxin'! That being said, I have so many posts started in my head of things I would otherwise "baby book" or "journal". Now if I could only clone myself...

But I digress.

My mom has often that 3 is her favourite age for kiddos. They become conversational and are also trying to figure out the world around them. Miss J is no exception.

This past weekend, we were away for a golf/family/fun weekend with Hubbs' work. And lucky us, Hubbs' parents came to baby sit so the kids could enjoy them and the activities while Mommy & Daddy could practice four letter words, I mean, have fun on the golf course.

Miss J and Monkey had enjoyed a couple of elevator rides and taken turns pushing the buttons. While waiting for the elevator when we were checking out Miss J asks:
When you get in the elevator and push the button, it turns into another place?
Me: Yeah!
Miss J: And if you push the button again, it turns into another place?!
Me (smiling): Yeah, that's right

Its just too cute to hear how they interpret the things we don't even think about anymore.

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