Saturday, September 11, 2010

Where rain comes from

I have to start blogging more often. Miss J and now Monkey are saying the cutest things and I don't want to forget!!
(also I'm back in school and the craziness will begin - so I need to be able to look back when this masters is done to see what we make it through!!)

So it was raining SUPER hard yesterday on the way to swimming. As in - I could hardly see through the window and I was driving UNDER the speed limit.

Miss J was kind enough to provide Monkey and me an explanation of where this rain was coming from:

Miss J: Mommy, see those clouds up there? They drank up all the water in the pie. When the clouds get full of all the water from the pie it throws it all up and it comes out like rain.

Me: So its raining now because the clouds are throwing up all the water they got from the pie?

Miss J: Yeah, they got a lot of water from the pie.

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