Monday, April 19, 2010

Miss J's Fashion File Vol. 5 - Accessorize

So Miss J is still wearing dresses and tights, picking out her own clothes and matching only occasionally. Sometimes she changes it up a bit with a skirt! And she actually voluntarily put on a pair of pants she found lingering in the closet - that was short lived but I considered it progress.

Her latest fashion trend is accessories. Last week it started with her 'best friends' necklace, giant "fashion rings" a-la loot bag and ALL the bracelets in her dress up box.

This week we've moved on to and argyle patterned belt, 2 necklaces, mis-matched dress up box clip on earrings and 5 pairs of clips around her cute little pigtails (oh, yes, pig tails......). That's 10 clips. In my follic-ly challenged girl.

But she looks so sweet!

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